Elite Tang Soo Do


Sensei Linda Dragotto has been involved in self-defense since her early teens.  She was taught boxing by her father along with various other techniques.  She was a youth sports coach for over 10 years and includes training and development in her business environment.  She began training in Tang Soo Do at FSCJ while taking additional college interest courses.  She has achieved master instructor ranking with a 4th degree black belt.  She also specializes in women’s self-defense at the college.


Tang Soo Do karate is a true self-defense martial arts style that combines mental and physical mastery to achieve powerful techniques.  The mind and body are trained to perform together in a disciplined manner.  While this may seem daunting, it is achieved by using the individuals own natural abilities, range of motion, and mental concentration.  The body is not pushed beyond an individual’s physical limitations, making Tang Soo Do truly a karate for all.  Each student progresses at their own rate allowing for individual differences.  There are no testing periods as students are observed with each class.  While a structure for promotion is followed, achievement is judged on potential ability.


Belt ranks:

                                White belt        10th –  7th gup

White belt with green stripe denotes level

                               Green belt         6th – 4th gup

Green belt with Red stripe denotes levels

                                Red belt             3rd – 1st gup

Red belt with black stripe denotes level

Black belt

Elite Tang Soo Do = $75 Per Month

Classes are once a week.

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