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Owner and Head Instructor: Erlinda V. Lopez

Chief Instructor: Robert Walker, (6th Degree Black Belt).

Sifu Erlinda V. Lopez has been studying the martial arts since she was 18. Her first style and school was Taekwondo with Bill Clark on Beach Blvd. She had to quit when she went into the Marine Corps. When she returned she attended FCCJ. During that time Sifu Erlinda took Judo and Kenpo Karate. Once she received her AA degree from FCCJ she went to Gainesville to the University of Florida to pursue her degree in Journalism. While at UF she took Isshinryu Karate in which she joined the Isshinryu karate brotherhood organization and Shotokan Karate. After graduating from UF, Sifu Erlinda went to UNF to get her second bachelors in Psychology. While at UNF she took Cuongh Nhu and Nido Jutsu(now known as Nido Shubi Ryu. Sifu Erlinda currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Nido Shubi Ryu, Green Belt from Cuongh Nhu, and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do Concepts. She is a certified instructor for Jeet Kune do. She belongs to The World Jeet Kune Do organization, The International Martial Arts Union and The World Elite Black Belt Society. Sifu Erlinda believes that the Martial arts are not only a self defense but a way of life. The philosophy of Martial arts is more important to Sifu Erlinda than the physical aspect of it. Her martial arts hero is Bruce Lee and like Bruce Lee, Sifu Erlinda has studied philosophy formally at school and tries to incorporate the philosophy in her martial arts and in her day to day living.

Renshi Robert Walker came to Japanese Karate from a Chinese Kung Fu background in which he studied for 3 years until his Sifu closed the school to move out of Jacksonville. In 1996, Robert Walker began training in Nido Jutsu Karate under Shihan Larry Nichols at Beauclerc elementary school’s community education program. In 1999, Robert Walker advanced to First Degree black belt in Nido Jutsu. Sensei Robert Walker began teaching in the community education program where his currently teaches today at Neptune Beach elementary. Sensei Robert Walker advanced to rank of Third Degree black belt in 2002. In 2004 Sensei Robert Walker tested and was advanced to fourth degree black belt by Master Kang Rhee and Shihan Larry W Nichols Jr. In 2008, Sempai Sensei Robert Walker tested and was advanced to Fifth Degree black belt by Grand Master Geofrey Spohn under the World Elite Black Belt Society. Renshi Robert Walker currently holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt.

Sensei Adrian Morris is the main instructor for the Little Warriors program. Sensei Morris started his karate training under Chief Instructor Robert Walker at Neptune Beach at age 6. He progressed through the ranks and transferred under the training of Shihan Larry Nichols where he obtained a red belt in Nido Jutsu Karate. Sensei Adrian started training in Jeet Kune Do concepts under Sensei Erlinda Lopez and was promoted to 2nd degree black belt by Shidoshi Geoffrey Spohn and the IMAU organization.

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